"The Git Up"

Since the very beginning, Country music has been a family.
And now, Country is being created for the family.

About Homegrown Kids

Conceived and crafted by hit songwriter and producer Ross Copperman, BBR Music Group/BMG’s Homegrown Kids Country Volume 1 presented Country in a fresh way – with kids singing a fun mix of current chart-toppers and longtime favorites, all in family-friendly style, now with its second volume, Copperman is taking it back to the 1990’s. Featuring smash hits from the “good” decade like “Wide Open Spaces” and “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” Homegrown Kids ‘90s Country is expected to introduce kids to the Country hits that take us back to the days of meeting in the middle underneath that Georgia pine.

“My kids are little and all they want to do is sing and listen to music,” Copperman explains. “I’ve worked on so many records but really just wanted to make one for them that we can listen to while we drive around in the car, and one they can relate to by hearing other kids singing.”

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